Thanh An composting manhole is an intelligent solution for use in manhole systems in pedestrian areas where lightweight, lockable, lockable and secure in the pedestrian area is required. load bearing capacity up to B125.

• Type of manhole cover
Thanh An Composite Pipe is lightweight and extremely durable, reducing the risk of installation. This is a major advantage of composite materials.
• Product characteristics
Our composite manhole covers have been independently tested with non-slip characteristics in both dry and wet conditions.
• Safe and anti-destructive
Thanh An composite lids can be locked and can not be removed without the correct lift key, unauthorized dismantlement is almost impossible.
• Weight
All Thanh An báo giá nắp hố ga bằng gang composite manhole covers will withstand the test load and the maximum set-up criteria specified in BS EN 124: 1994 up to B125.
• Strong resistance
Clear opening widths between brackets are larger than pit designs to allow small deviations in pit construction dimensions.
• Complete
Caps made of composite Thanh An with available colors - Black, Gray, Blue, Green and Red. Other colors available upon request.
• Installation
Shipments of each type of composite manhole cover are provided with comprehensive installation instructions.
• Environmental commitment
The responsibility for the environment is our primary concern. To meet these requirements, we have been assessed by the environmental monitoring units to meet the requirements periodically.
nap ho ga thanh an Management system from the design, manufacture and management of the system in the company and committed to continuous environmental improvement on the production and design of all our products in the following ways:
Minimize environmental impact
Engaging resources to organize energy management
Reduce energy costs
High priority for investment in energy efficiency
Consider life cycle energy costs for all new projects
Reduce annual C02 emissions
Utilize energy from sustainable resources whenever possible
To achieve these goals, we have put in place the necessary control systems for the benefit of the environment and our customers in the future.
• Services of Thanh An
Thanh An provides full support services for suppliers and contractors, including
- Computer-aided design. AutoCAD compatibility details of all products are available. Please refer to our technical department for support.
- Branches in both North and South.
- Transportation to the site.
- 24/7 service on order.
- We reserve the right to change design without notice. Changing the design will not adversely affect the performance or downloadability of our products.
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