Thanh An Cable Duct Quality Top, Diverse Types

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In order to meet the requirements of the future, modern energy and communication networks are indispensable. Thanh An cable duct helps ensure safety and is a sure access to building and maintaining lighting networks, power supply, communications and navigation in public spaces, in homes. industrial machinery, in the railway system, in the harbor or at the airport.
Cable cover is manufactured by Thanh An Company for various load cases, from Class B 125 to Class F 900. Furthermore, Thanh An cable caps are completely sealed and prevent water from penetrating the surface. These caps can also be used on routes where they come into contact with kerosene or deodorants. Thanh An is committed to the durability of the cast iron pipe tank.
The cover of the cable tank Thanh An has two-wing cover, four-leaf cap, 6-blade cover layout symmetrical so that a worker can easily manipulate and work safely. Thanh An cable hinges have safe hinges, do not trap dust. When open, 105o tilt lid is very safe, lift from the bottom up does not need much. The wings are closed in a tight order.
Thanh An is a manufacturer, supplier of cable lining products, post office cap, manhole cover, trash can, high quality cast iron drainage and nap ho ga composite. All of Thanh An's products meet European standards, which are strictly tested before being put on the market.
With a team of skilled engineers and skilled workers who have many years of experience, large scale foundries, we have the ability to produce high quality products under strict quality supervision. With the fastest báo giá nắp hố ga bằng composite time to ensure our customers get the perfect quality products. Currently, the products of cable tank cover, manhole cover, garbage pit of Thanh An has been present in many projects throughout the country.
Due to our mission of providing superior products to our customers, we have always been oriented in our development process, always managing the production process with advanced advances and advanced technology, not only help us lift Highly efficient our operations but also help us to serve various needs of many customers.

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