What Is A Cast Iron Manhole Cover?

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Pits are made of various materials such as cast iron, steel, nap ho ga composite, ... In particular, the manhole cover of cast iron is most commonly used. This product line is durable nắp hố ga bằng gang and resistant to large loads. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this cap.
What is a cast iron manhole cover?
A manhole cover made of cast iron with functions and functions such as gas cap. There are many types of cast iron such as gray cast iron, white cast iron, ductile cast iron, ... In which, cast iron and gray cast iron is used to make the manhole cover the most because of reasonable price as well as good quality. The gas manhole cover has the advantages of the manhole cover and has the advantages of gas.
Functions and tasks of bảng giá nắp hố ga cast iron manhole covers
A tool located on the surface of the manhole used to fill the space on the surface to bring safety to people as well as vehicles when walking. In addition, it also prevents waste as well as smell from drains.
Advantages of gas manhole cover
- Very durable;
- Withstand large impact and no distortion when large payload passes;
Maintaining a pristine appearance despite external influences.
- There are anti-theft bolt to steal;
Disadvantages of cast iron manholes:
- The price is relatively high, especially gangrene;
- heavy weight hard to move and execute;
- The process consists of 6 stages: Select casting material, molding, molding, molding and casting, molding and finishing.
To ensure the quality as well as the efficiency when nắp hố ga gang cầu used, the pit manhole products should be produced according to the standard process. With many years of operation, our company owns a team of skillful workers to apply modern technology into the professional process to create the best quality products to meet your needs.
Many years of operation in the field of manhole cover and related products, we always receive the most positive feedback from customers at home and abroad. If you need quality cast iron manhole covers, please contact us for best support.
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